What Are The Best Marketing Channels To Use This Year?

best marketing channels

When it comes to content marketing to gain organic traffic and some useful conversions, then you should choose the best marketing channels to spread your word. As a famous saying goes, “If you build it, they will come” which does not happen in real life. In order to market your brand message or your original content then you need to choose the best channels that can give you the maximum benefits for your business. 

The message or content creation is a good job that is liked by many marketers. But how to distribute that content?…. Here comes the expertise of a marketing specialist to get more eyeballs on your content. Moreover, if a random guy starts distributing your content (without complete knowledge & experience in SEO, Content Marketing) then it will adversely affect your site rankings. 

In order to know which marketing channels are working the best in 2023, we have jotted down a brief list of the best channels. Use these marketing channels to gain more valuable traffic and boost conversions on your website. 

1. Podcasts

The podcast is the most trendy channel to market your business or product. According to research, people older than 13 years are listening to audio content more than ever before. Podcast listeners spend on average 17 hours/week listening to their favorite podcast channel, audiobook, or radio shows. Listening to podcasts is a habit of around 14 million people. 

Audio content is more engaging than text content. People listen to the branded podcast not just because of the brand but also because of the level of engagement these podcasts generates. The podcasts need to grab the attention of the listeners and entertain them. 

But how to create a unique podcast? 

You need to be different than others… The best way to cut off the online podcast clutter is to deliver a unique concept and tell your audience the story of real influencers in the industry. You know what? Storytelling is the best way to gain the audience’s attention and resonate with them with their real-life experiences. So, if you are thinking to utilize the best channel to market your brand or product, then you should start your branded podcast or get featured in a well-known podcast relevant to your niche. 

2. Social Media

There are around 2.7 billion social media users across the world. People use social media as a pastime activity or to connect with people around them. Many businesses don’t consider the basic phenomenon of why people use social media channels and start pushing them with loads of posts each hour. The social media strategy should be designed based on your target audience’s interests. (If you want to build an effective social media strategy, then get a Free Consultation Now!)

The illustration above shows that social media users are increasing by 9% annually and most of them access social channels on mobile phones.

Pro Tip: Next you create social media campaigns, make sure to make your ad creatives friendly for mobile phones.

The ever-increasing number of social media users are flooded with loads of content, posts, articles images, and videos. If you publish your content too, it would be like ‘Finding a needle in the haystack’. How can you stand out from the crowd in the social media mess? One thing you can do is to create engaging content. Be it an article, video, or illustration. Try to give your post a catchy headline, and a brief description telling your product message.

3. Email

Many people believe that emails are of no good use in today’s rapidly changing tech world but still major business comes through emails. More than 90% of US internet users prefer emails for communication. You might have heard that ‘Money lays in your list’ and that is your email list. The more emails you generate…the chance to gain more revenue increases. 

By saying this I do not mean that you start emailing every other person scraped from contact directories. In today’s business norms such as GDPR and CAN-SPAM act, sending out cold emails is not preferable. However, if you offer a valuable resource to your website visitors and ask for their contact details in return. BRAVO!!! Your subscribers are booked 🙂 

Now you can send them a nicely designed email to convince them to buy your product and services. A study by SalesForce depicts that on average it takes 6 to 8 touch points to generate a sales-qualified lead. If your subscribers engage actively with your emails then it signals that they are actually valuing your brand.

4. Word of mouth

Do you know what is the best persuading tool to make someone do an actual purchase? It is called ‘Word Of Mouth (WOM)’ marketing. When you deliver a successful product or service to one of your clients. There is a great chance that they share their experience with friends and family. This in turn will generate more potential customers for your business. 

However, the word of mouth marketing can adversely affect your business growth and revenues if you have happy customers. Do you know that light travels at more speed than sound? That’s the same case with WOM. It is the quickest channel that can bring in or leave out the business for you. 


WOM is dependent upon the level of trust the customers have developed with the brand. People check out product reviews on online platforms before making a purchase decision. You should be like a ‘Hawk’ keeping an eye on each of these platforms. (Don’t worry! We can help you out by managing your online reviews). You should provide excellent customer service to resolve your customer’s issues and manage their queries before they start talking badly about your brand. 

5. Search Engine Optimization

Google is the first research tool that is used by a majority of online buyers. According to Think With Google, about 81% of online Ecommerce shoppers and 89% of B2B product research starts a search engine. People discover new brands: products and services through search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, etc. 

The benefit of focusing on search engines is that it is one of the most successful conversion channels. Users actively look for solutions to their problems by searching on search engines. They come across multiple products and service providers before they make the actual purchase. 

You need to build a strong presence on online platforms so that you can beat your competition in terms of more search results that can increase the chance of making an online sale. There are multiple strategies to build a clean SEO strategy like blog posts, outreach, link building, internal linking, and many more. The investment in SEO is a long-term strategy than a short-term boost like paid ads. 


As it turns out that there are many marketing channels that can prove fruitful for your business but you need to focus on the channels that will maximize your ROI. It will be of no good use if your burn out too many resources just to improve by margins. The best practice to adapt for your business performance is to keep track of your marketing efforts so that you can learn which marketing practices is getting you more clicks, conversions and revenues to help in optimizing your investments. 

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