8 Email Marketing Hacks That Deliver Results

email marketing hacks

Do you think that emails are dead? I think you need to reconsider your perspective as still major business is still done through emails. Even it is said that “Money lies in your Email List”. 

Today, there are many other channels on which businesses are focusing to generate leads and grow revenues. But it is still the most useful way for lead generation and converting them to paid customers.

In order to explain the importance of email marketing, I am going to explain the best techniques that can be used to gain favorable results. 

Here are the eight email marketing hacks that deliver results:

1. Clean Your Mailing List Periodically

Why should you keep the scrap in your gold mine? It needs to be clean to look for more gold with a clear sight. Some prospects may opt out of your email marketing campaigns or some prospect may never open your emails. You need to delete these dead prospects from your mailing list… It is spoiling your email open rates. You should keep the metrics clean for your most loyal customers. You can use tools like NeverBounce to clean your list automatically. 


Go through your list and check who has not engaged with your emails in the past few months and delete them on a periodic basis. This will help you to improve your email marketing metrics and give you a clear understanding of your email marketing goals. 

2. Personalize Email Messages

There is a much need for using personalization in your email marketing campaigns. You should stop sending generic emails to your prospects as this will not earn you any business goals except for angry replies and a large chunk of opted-out leads. How often do you read emails that begin with, ‘Dear Customer’ or ‘Dear Member’? This will not grab your customer’s attention. Use the first name to greet the email recipient so that they will know that this email is really mentioned for them. 

Like, many email marketing and CRM tools like Drip offer personalization snippets (codes) that fetch data from the list in each email like name, email, address, industry, phone, etc. This is really helpful for marketers to just create one email template and not to change 100s of emails each time to add the personalization element. 

3. A/B Test Your CTA and Subject Line

Are you hungry to boost your email metrics? Then, the A/B testing feature is just for you. Moreover, if you are not getting the desired results from emails then there is something wrong. Either you are not emailing the right people, or your message is not clear. This point talks about the latter thing: Your Email Content. 

Your email content plays a vital role in making good conversions. The email content should be designed to grab the attention of your target audience. But how will you know which content works well for you? A/B testing will help you choose the best email for you. (MailerLite offers an easy-to-use A/B Test Feature with an email marketing tool)


The ‘Spilt Test’ or ‘A/B Test’ is used to improve your email open rates and click rates. The A/B test effectively splits your recipients into two or more groups. The first group receives the normal email and the second group receives the email with a specific variation. The test will show will depict if your audience is willing to take the specified action with the variation. The marketing tools offer variations in the email subject, from the name, email content, and CTA button.

4. Emails Should Be Less Than 650 Pixels

Your email template width is critical from the recipient experience point of view. If the email design is wider than 650 or 700 pixels then the recipient has to horizontally scroll to read your email. Moreover, on mobile devices, it will be more difficult to read such wide emails. So, design your emails by taking care of the recipient’s point of view on each device. 

5. Create Your Own Email List

In short, don’t ever buy email lists. This will be a total waste of your business resources. Also, after the amendment for companies to be GDPR compliant (acquiring consent from prospects before emailing), one should not think to send bulk emails purchased from other agencies. 

Moreover, you should focus on keeping healthy email metrics and scrapped emails will ruin your email marketing goals and metrics. Rather, than go for an inbound marketing strategy for lead generation which delivers the best and most effective results. 

6. Stick To One Typeface

You should keep one typeface or font for your emails. Using multiple fonts will create confusion among your recipients and will give an unprofessional look to your email. However, you can use different content formats like bold, italics, and underlining where needed. 

7. Incentivize To Boost Open Rate

The best practice to improve the open rates of email is to incentivize the prospects so they can’t resist responding to your email. This will help in increasing the open rates to more than 50%. Here you will need to use catchy headlines which will talk about your offers, discounts, or product launch. Use headlines like:

i). “Get a Free iPod by recommending our services”

ii). “Avail 10% discount on your next purchase”

iii). “Free Shipping on your first order”

Check an example of a broadcast email for one of our clients with incentivized email subject and offer to send it out on Black Friday. This email generated a 30% open rate in the first rollout.

Just be careful and try not to sound like ‘Pushy’ in your emails. You should focus on giving value to your clients and not just earning revenue. Learn how to ask Nicely 🙂 

8. Email Opt-ins Using Autoresponder

It will be hard to manage your email workflow manually. You should be using the email autoresponders that engage with your leads for each set time. The autoresponder should be sent to your leads after every two, four, or eight days depending upon your campaigns. 

In the email footer do mention that the recipients have opted in to receive emails from your company. Autoresponder emails should include additional content and material that will help your leads to make the purchase decision. Make your prospects feel valuable with the power of email marketing. 


Email Marketing is a tool that generates the most revenue, especially in B2B companies, even more than social media channels. We should abide by the best practices of email marketing and automation to run successful campaigns that deliver results.

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