10 Must To Know Time Management Tips To Ensure Entrepreneurial Success


“Time is gold”. So the famous saying goes. And for an entrepreneur, this might as well be literally true. 

So many opportunities can come and go in a single tick of your clock, and yet, everyone of us has this pressing problem…

. . .Effective Time Management.

Beat this seemingly incurable woe that’s been plaguing every businessman, whether a startup or a veteran, with the following tips and make the most out of your time. 

Here are the 10 Must To Know Time Management tips that will help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

1. Recognize Your Specific Goals For The Day

Be the boss you ought to be.


Most startup owners have the same thinking most of the time…

They have to set big and ambitious goals for themselves in order to succeed.

It is one of the most common mistake that every new entrepreneur make that ultimately leads to daily time management problems…

Manage your time like a boss by setting up daily goals…

It doesn’t have to be huge or over-the-mountain high for today, just make sure that you will be able to achieve a milestone at the end of the day. Accomplishing even the most menial of tasks will feel like you’ve just conquered the world. 

2. Choosing The Most Effective Time Management Method That Will Suit You

You can increase your productivity by choosing the best time management technique for yourself:

One time management method is not a one-stop-solution for everybody. Just like everything, it is a trial and error before finding the best method for you. . .

What might work for others might not be the one for you.

There are several approach that you can always try in order to find what would click for you: you can always purchase apps from several online app stores. With the growing technology, the demand for a good time management application is also growing. These electronic applications can help you organize your hectic schedule.

You can always pull out your trusty pen and day planner if you are the old fashioned type and not into these techy gadgets so much.

Either way, having the most reliable time management tool is always up to you.

3. Mapping Out Your Day Planner


“A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.” H. Stanely Judd

Planning your day ahead is one of the best ways to avoid time management woes. When a good plan is set into motion, you can always bet your bottom peso that you will arrive at your daily goal.

Here’s why:

Your daily goal is very important, but the details on how to achieve it is even bigger. Planning your day before you actually start with your daily activities will help you save time and cut back on possible time wasters. 

Map your day by recognizing the things that must be done. In all cases never divert, unless improvising would mean doubling your productive capability. 

Planning doesn’t mean you have to stick with a rigid routine. It will only help you avoid doing the things that can potentially waste your time.

But you must still encourage flexibility within you—a trustworthy skill for every entrepreneur.

4. Prioritizing Your Daily Activities

While all of us, especially for an entrepreneur, think that there is not just enough time in a day to accomplish everything, it’s not at all true.

The main word here is priority.

As a businessman you always want to accomplish everything in every single day. This drive only leads you into thinking how short your time—all the time. Sometimes, wanting to do everything in a just day can render you inefficient. You tend to forget about minute, but very important, details that and jeopardize the quality of your work.

To avoid this mistake:

You must learn how to prioritize your activities. Assign categories. Know which is urgent right now, and which can be done later. Recognize the activity’s value and importance, or if it can be done for the next day.

5. Setting A Time-limit To Each Activity

Once you have set your priorities and recognized what must be done, it is now time to assign achievable time-limits to your activities. It will not only help you manage your time, but also ensure you will be able to follow the timeline of our daily plan.

You can’t spend the whole of your day going after one task alone. It will seriously impede your productivity, and ultimately, you will lose your goal. Increase your profit by utilizing every minute of your time into productive endeavor.

Be aware of your time, all the time. Consider every second that ticks by as a profit to gain, or to lose.

6. Delegation of Work

“United we stand, divided we fall”. This famous saying has a grain of salt in it—well a cup of it actually.

Being the head of the company doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself. By learning to delegate task you are not just making your employee feel like he is really part of the company, but also a good time management approach.

Task delegation helps you save time by distinguishing what errands can be done by your employees, or the matters you have to personally attend to. Don’t be overwhelmed and take control of your time.

7. Declutter Your Station

There is nothing better than starting your day with a clean slate, meaning clean desk.


It may not seem much, but having an organized working station encourages better time management within a person. You don’t have to waste your precious minutes cleaning up clutters that might have been done yesterday. 

Always remember that your time is gold, and wasting it decluttering your desk early in the morning can seriously become a down-turner. Simply cleaning up for the next day is a good habit every entrepreneur must have in order to sidestep time management issues.     

8. Focus 

Avoiding distractions is a must:

In the current world we live in distraction can come in all shapes and sizes. As an entrepreneur you have a lot in your mind that can simply take away your focus away from your goal.

Your focus is a crucial ingredient in achieving the goal you have set-out for the day. Channel your energy in your current task. Stop checking your social media account and making unnecessary phone calls—they always tend to rob your time.

Focus is a stellar entrepreneurial skill that will ensure your way to success. Hone it. Go after your task with a single-minded intent that leaves no room for distractions.

9. Track Your Progress

Why track your progress:

It is important. It is a must. 

At the end of each task check back to your daily planner to make sure you are making headway of your daily goal. It sort of reminds you also of the things you need to accomplish, as well as, your priorities.

Tracking your progress enables you to determine when you need to improvise and change course.

10. 20/80 Rule

This theory has proven its worth over the years—both mathematically and real life application:

20%, although at some point it can be higher, of what you do equals 80% of the result—is basically the principle behind this rule. Entrepreneurs, who believe and apply this rule, all over the world have testified to its successful result. 

The activities you have set out to do will make or break not just your day, but also your career. Take time to think. Plan, prioritise, focus and delegate. 

Develop good habits to better manage your time and ensure productivity. Don’t let time control you, instead control your time. 

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